Friday, July 26, 2013

Farts, pooping schedules and unforgettable moments!

Farts, pooping schedules, and unforgettable moments. Going on this trip to Kanab, Utah for the second time was the most rewarding experience of my life so far. We pulled weeds, socialized with different animals, and learned so much that we didn't even know. It might sound boring but it's not when you have a group of friends...correct that. When you're with your U.B. family, who you've spent six weeks living with before this, out there in the hot sun and singing the funniest little chants you forget everything. We have so much fun doing tasks that any normal person would hate doing. Everyday we would get up tired and getting on the vans we would wake up to the song "Trouble" by T-Swift. Working with different animals we decided to be vegetarian for the whole week; they have great food even without meat. The best part of the whole trip was that we spent the whole week in a house with one bathroom. After the first day it's not such a big deal anymore. We get so comfortable with each other that we make a pooping schedule or we just go to the park and poop together in those bathrooms. There is always time to make good out of a bad situation. No one ever complained about anything; not even the littlest of things. This trip brings you so close to people that you share things with them that you wouldn't want to share with anyone else. There are so many things that you realize about yourself and sometimes you just have moments to yourself realizing those things. Today was the last day at Best Friends and after our reflection I realized volunteering with animals doesn't have to stop here and there are a bunch of other things that I could do to help many other animals. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is the best place on earth to get volunteer experience with animals with different needs, disabilities, or just animals in general. As I get older I know that the people on this trip and everything that we did is something that I will never forget.

We're a little behind and mixed up...but it's because we have so much fun hanging out with birds (Day 3 of our trip)

Day 4 - Film Noir

late but still funny